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Raila Odinga Lands a New Job

Raila Odinga Lands a New Job


Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has been given a new job by President Kenyatta.Raila,who has been jobless for five years, agreed to work with the president and took up the position of overseeing devolution affairs.

Already Raila has started executing his mandate.Today,he met governors in his office where he was briefed about the forthcoming meeting at Kakamega.The governors were led by Council of governors Chair Anne Waiguru.

In few weeks’ time and as early as next week, the government will make a major announcement, where the President will outline the mandate of Raila Odinga.Though it’s not in the public domain what Title Raila will be given, we understand that he will coordinate county activities and oversee development in all the 47 counties. Raila’s office will be at Jogoo House and he will have several staff members, security and at least 4 chase cars.

We are of the opinion that Raila’s swearing in as ‘the People’s President’ was planned by both the government and the former Prime Minister’s advisors.This was to prepare him for this new role.