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Why You Should Marry an ugly Woman

Why You Should Marry an ugly Woman


Marrying an ugly woman is a great achievement for a man who seeks happy marriage life. Women with striking beauty have often proved sophisticated, expensive and available for all. Nearly all domestic violence cases happen in homes where men are insecure and women have extreme beauty.

For those planning to marry, here are authentic reasons why you should marry ugly women.

They are not on demand

When you win an ugly woman, chances are that not many men will be interested in her. In fact, an ugly woman knows she is not appealing, so she doesn’t want to lose you.

Beautiful women are on demand whether married or not. Given a slight opportunity they will leave you for another man.


Ugly women know their looks aren’t appealing. They will do everything not to lose you,which is why they are always faithful.

Beautiful women don’t care whether they cheat or not,they know even if they divorce you,the market is always ready for them.

Cheap to maintain

For a beautiful woman to maintain her beauty, she has to use a lot of cosmetics and dress decently. All this come with a cost. An ugly woman is always cheap, she can use Vaseline for her entire life.


Since an ugly woman fears to lose you, she will do everything to ensure she doesn’t offend you. Being submissive is an obvious privilege you will get.