Best AdSense Alternative for Bloggers to Make Money online

Best AdSense Alternative for Bloggers to Make Money online


Making money online is every blogger’s dream.But it’s hard to determine the best AdSense alternative given the fact that most bloggers are denied opportunity to monetize with AdSense,MGID is one of the best AdSense alternatives which nearly half of bloggers are monetizing with.

If today you wish to make quick money online,AdSense would be the best option and if you want to make more, sign up to MGID.

Requirements to join MGID

For one to start monetizing with MGID,there are few requirements they must meet.

You should own a blog

Your blog should not have adult, violent and racial discrimination content

At least 1,000 daily page views….but even a blog with less page views can be accepted as long as it has useful content.

The next step is to apply for approval.

Normally, MGID approves sites within two days and the approval process takes a single step.Unlike AdSense which has several restrictions,MGID is a bit flexible. You can apply by following this link

If you have a blog that’s monetizing with AdSense, it’s good to join MGID and start making more money.If you place MGID banner below posts, you will earn at least 50% of what you currently make from AdSense.MGID will not even affect your AdSense income.