How to Win Ksh122.5 million from Betway this week

How to Win Ksh122.5 million from Betway this week


Betway has the easiest jackpot so far.This weekend,the company is offering Ksh122.5 million in jackpot amount to whoever takes time to play and correctly predict all the games. The jackpot features a total of 7 matches such that if you correctly predict all the matches, the Ksh122.5 million will be yours.

The nice thing here is that you will be required to predict goals. This is not hard given that statistics for previous matches are provided. More encouraging is, even if you get only four games coreect,you will still win some money. Here is what you will earn:

7 matches=Ksh122.5 million

6 matches=Ksh122,500

5 matches=Ksh 73,500

4 matches=Ksh24,500

To place a bet, you need to register first through this link,then send money into Betway player account.

This week’s jackpot features these teams:

Las Palmas vs Real Sociedad

Tottenham vs Manchester City

Atalanta vs Inter Milan

Eibar vs Alaves

AC Milan vs Napoli

Werder Bremen vs RB Leipzig

Lazio vs Roma

These are highly predictable matches.From the list,you will realize that not many goals will be scored;the score lines will be 1-0,2-0,1-1,0-0,2-1.It’s upon you to know how to fix them and win the Ksh122.5 million.You can place your bet here