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How to Make Ksh5,000 in 2 Hours

How to Make Ksh5,000 in 2 Hours


Today you will be lucky to make Ksh 5,000 in two hours through this trick.

Two days  ago,I advised one of my readers on how to make Ksh10,000 in two hours through Arsenal game. This was the idea. Arsenal was playing with SCKA Moscow.In that match, chances of at least a goals being scored were 100%.We told him to choose ‘more than 0.5 goals’ as the most preferred option.He did as we told him and placed a bet of Ksh10,000.This option had an odd of 1.20.After two hours,4 goals were scored, meaning he earned Ksh2,000 in two hours plus the Ksh10,000 he had placed in the bet.

There is one exciting thing about this bet;1XBET gave him 200% bonus on the bet,so he earned a total of Ksh22,000.What we advised further was that after winning the money,he withdraw the Ksh12,000 and remain with the bonus, which is  still using to place bets.In total he made a profit of Ksh2,000 and got Ksh10,000 to bet with for at least a month.

Today you have a chance to earn over Ksh5,000 from a single match.Liverpool is playing with Bournemouth. In this match, we won’t miss a goal or two. What you will do to earn Ksh5,000 is to indicate that over 0.5 goals will be scored. But first you have to register through this link,deposit Ksh5,000 into the account and pick the option.After 90 minutes, you will earn Ksh 1,000 in profit and Ksh5,000 as bonus. Withdraw your money plus profit and remain with Ksh5,000 bonus to continue betting with.