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Why Your Blog Articles are Getting Less Views Despite Having Millions of Followers on Twitter and Facebook

Why Your Blog Articles are Getting Less Views Despite Having Millions of Followers on Twitter and Facebook


Over the past seven years I have been blogging, there’s something strange I have noticed, that some blogs have massive following on Facebook and Twitter but less views on their published website articles. For instance, how can you explain when you share your post on your page that has 2.7 million likes only for it to get 1,000 views? There is something wrong here.

There is also another strange thing, where someone with zero Facebook and Twitter following has a more popular blog than one with a million following. Here are reasons why these strange happenings occur.

You bought Facebook likes

When you sponsor your content on Facebook, there are people who follow you just for the sake. Some may follow you because that particular content is appealing while others will like when absent minded. These individuals are not regular visitors of your blog and when they visit and discover that your blog has nothing useful for them,they won’t return again. Despite the fact that they are your followers, they won’t attempt to read the content you share henceforth.

When you purchase Facebook likes, it implies that you are forcing people to follow you—they didn’t invite themselves to your page. These people will count as your followers but they won’t count in terms of views.

Boring content

When your content is boring, no matter how regular you share it on Facebook and Twitter, your followers will always ignore it.The only solution is to invest in impressive content, content that is useful to your readers.

Content Blindness

In blogging there’s what we call content blindness,this is when you regularly share your content on social media that readers get used to it.The more you share your content on Facebook and Twitter, the more your readers lose interest in it. This is more so content with links to your website.

Facebook news feed algorithm

In 2018 Facebook changed its newsfeed algorithm that saw the amount of traffic it sends to its publishers decline significantly.Previously,the social media platform used to send between 70% to 90% traffic to publishers, which has since reduced to as low as 20%.So,when you share your article on Facebook and don’t see a human being reading it, know that it’s because of this algorithm.

Your articles don’t add value to your followers

If your content is useless, how can you expect your followers to read it?!!!Make sure as you write any of your articles, it adds value to your followers.

They have already seen the article elsewhere

Google strongly advice against lifting content from other sites! Most of us bloggers try to pretend that our readers are so naïve that they don’t know much about other blogs. What I know is that some readers are informed more than us, which means if we don’t generate fresh and unique content, they won’t stick with us.

My rule number one is to generate original content. It doesn’t matter whether people will read it or not but as long as it can only be found in my blog, I am okay with that.This is the reason this blog gets over 50,000 readers daily without sharing any of our content on social media.

Your followers hate links

I have read the mind of Facebook users. What these people hate is content directing them to publishers’ websites. As soon as they discover that your only intention is to click bait, they will gradually lose interest in your Facebook content.

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