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Why You should Avoid AIMS Global and GNLD

Why You should Avoid AIMS Global and GNLD


AIMS Global and GNLD are the biggest scams in Kenya. Citizens are advised to strongly avoid these two companies if they aspire to be successful.

I will start by stating what happened to me in 2008.I was fresh from college and new in Nairobi. As I was tarmacking in the streets of Nairobi I got a smartly dressed leady,who introduced herself as Mercy. Mercy told me, “here in Nairobi there are no jobs but I will introduce to one fantastic venture where you will earn millions in a short time”.She then told me to follow her.I was convinced she was the angel I had been waiting for.

After following her for close to 5 minutes, we landed at ICEA Lion Building.That was the headquarter of GNLD.I was excited to know the company is located in the tall building. We entered a lift .Inside the lift,she explained to me how she has become a millionaire courtesy of the company. I was really excited and so eager to arrive at the office to learn more.

In the building, I got hundreds of people sitting as they wait to be talked to. Mercy gave me a form to fill where she indicated her name as my sponsor. In two minutes time,someone,a well-dressed man, came to the podium, he introduced himself as David.David started by mentioning the names of millionaires GNLD has birthed.We all clapped. After motivational speech of 15 minutes, we all joined the sales team.

My friend,I have done the worst jobs,but this one was the mother of all. It’s easier to sell pork meat in Saudi Arabia than to sell GNLD products in Kenya.

It took me 15 days to give up on the job. I even realized the company does not have the millionaires it purported to have birthed.

AIMS Global works the same way as GNLD.In Kenya, people will promise that you’ll earn Ksh10,000 per day, but be warned. Those guys who claim to be millionaires working for AIMS global are just paupers—by the way they live in slums and most of them sleep hungry most of the time. Whenever you hear someone mention AIMS Global, run my friend.