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How to Get Rich Quickly in Kenya

How to Get Rich Quickly in Kenya


Sometimes it’s good to use shortcuts to get rich quickly. In Kenya, Kama wewe si mjanje, you can’t be rich. This article will enlighten on the various tricks you can use to get rich quickly.

Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that’s not regulated. Though investing in the currency is risky, the benefits are quite appealing. I know of a friend who bought 50 Bitcoins in 2012 for Ksh 1,000 each. Last year when the price shot to Ksh 1.6 million each, he sold 30 of them-he is now rich.

In this world it’s all about taking risks;if you are risk averse, getting rich will be a pipe dream.

Joining Police force as a Traffic Police Officer

Do you see the many matatus operating in Kenya? Most of them are owned by traffic police officer. These guys are unapologetically rich yet their monthly pay is Ksh25,000.

As an ambitious Kenyan, forget about the monthly pay and look at the bigger picture.

Become Customs Official

The Kenyan government has sealed several loopholes in the customs department, but there are other ways of killing a rat the officials have at their disposal.

Joining Illuminati

Illuminati churches are all over Kenya and joining one is free.I know of their branch in Westlands Nairobi where joining is free, wealth is given free but you have to do weird things. One of the things you must do is volunteer to become an international prostitute—clients are readily available. Vera Sidika is one of them she makes over Ksh2 million per month. There is also one popular church in Nairobi, owned by a popular bishop that belongs to Illuminati.

Seeking and winning government tenders

The cost of government tenders is often exaggerated. If you manage to supply corrupt government institutions with items, it won’t take you a year to purchase Ksh20 million car.

There is a strange thing I saw about 3 years ago. Someone had won a government tender where he was to supply pens, pencils and books. What shocked me was how he quoted prices. Imagine a Ksh10 pen cost the government institution Ksh300.Naw, do this math: If you purchase 10,000 pens at Ksh10,each,you will spend Ksh100,000.During pay day, you will earn Ksh 200,000 in profit….this is crazy.

Start betting on jackpot

I think you have witnessed hundreds of Kenyans become overnight millionaires through betting.I believe one thing:If you fear risks,you’ll never reach far.If you’ve decided to bet,keep trying.I always see guys place daily bets on 1XBET jackpot,and most of them are now millionaires.In life you won’t know where your luck is!

Win a political seat

Any political seat in Kenya,be it MCA,MP,Senator or Governor has humongous benefits.Some of the tenders advertised at county and national levels are won by those politicians.What these people do is,register companies and apply for the tenders. Since they have influence,they are awarded the tenders.

Resign from your work and become an entrepreneur

Unless you are working at a place where corruption is rife, my friend, you will wait for wealth until you die. The honourable thing to do is resign from your work and start your own venture.