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How to Increase AdSense RPM and CPC for your Blog

How to Increase AdSense RPM and CPC for your Blog


AdSense CPC and RPM are the main determinants of how much you’d earn from your blog. If the RPM is below 1 and CPC is below 0.10, then your blog is doing dismally. There are several practical ways of increasing the two AdSense earning parameters.

Write long posts

Google bots are more accurate when crawling a long post. By this I mean an article with above 500 words. Once the bots crawl your articles, AdSense ads will be placed on the keywords found in those articles. Assuming you have written about highest paying jobs in USA, the keywords within the article are the ones to determine what kind of adverts will run on your site.

Develop a niche blog

Niche blogs are easy to identify their main keywords. Google likes to run adverts on niche blogs since they focus on specific keywords. You will realize that a news site with content about education gets low quality adverts while sites with purely education content take the best adverts. The idea here is, a niche blog is more informed and has the best quality articles.

Identify high paying keywords and focus on them

Another way to increase your RPM and CPC is to identify keywords that can earn you the highest amount. Various tools have been developed that can help you identify those keywords.LongTail Pro is one of them and can be found here for free

Write original content

The moment you start writing original content, your RPM will start shooting up. Your blog article will also start appearing on Google page one. There is nothing Google hates like content that’s not original.

Identify niche with high paying keywords

If your content focuses on entertainment, fashion, news and beauty,your blog will definitely attract low paying adverts. But if your niche is real estate,law,education,banking,insurance,mortgage,rehab and sports, you will attract the best paying ads. It’s upon you to shift your focus to the high paying  niche if you aspire to earn more from AdSense.

Organic traffic

Social media traffic won’t help you much in regards to AdSense income. If your blog’s major traffic is from Facebook and Twitter, forget about better RPM.To increase your RPM, develop content that would attract Google,Bing,Yahoo and ASK traffic.

Target countries

Adverts from African countries, India and Pakistan will earn you almost nothing. The moment you start writing articles featuring USa,UK,Canada and Australia,that’s the moment your RPM will increase massively.