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This is How I Caught my Cheating wife, Don’t Joke with People Like Me!

This is How I Caught my Cheating wife, Don’t Joke with People Like Me!


Last year while scrolling my wife’s phone, I stumbled on a message written to her by a man.I don’t how it happened because I normally don’t scroll through her phone. When I asked about the issue, she said she doesn’t know the person, maybe it was a Kamiti prisoner who was sending random messages. I took her answer as a fact.

Few days late,again the same number called when we were eating.She pretended not to know the man again.This time around,I was furious.I took the number and called the man.This is how he responded,”wewe kama umeshindwa na bibi utapangwa.Mimi nakusaidia kazi,shida yako ni nini?!!!I hanged up and seriously quarreled with my wife.I knew that she is now a public property but I wanted to teach them a lesson.

Since I was bitter,I wanted to make sure I discipline the two.I wanted to do anything to see them crying.There’s a number I took from one website,which belonged to a man who made a cheating couple get stuck.This number was +254740637248.I called the owner,who picked and told me to meet him in Nairobi.He has an office in Nairobi.I didn’t fear anything(I think you know how bitter it is to discover that your wife is cheating on you).

The following week,I met the man and we agreed that he will do everything to stop my wife from cheating.

Last week,as I was watching TV,my wife started shouting as she scratches her private parts.She said, “help me,help me,Inawaka moto”.I started laughing as I watched her yell in pain.Kumbe the previous night she had slept with her new catch.Few minutes later,the man wrote her a message saying,”my thing is growing big,please come for my rescue.Call a doctor!”.I knews,baaas mambo imetendeka.

After two days of suffering, the man sent me a message asking for forgiveness. But I didn’t want him to go scot free,I said,”Ksh 2 million is what I want before I set you free”.

Now I am rich and single again.