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Ladies, Here are Important Things to Do If You Want a Man To Marry You Quickly

Ladies, Here are Important Things to Do If You Want a Man To Marry You Quickly


Most men will delay you until heaven comes before marriage. For a man to marry you quickly, there are important things you should do as a lady.

What I have observed, ladies might have in mind that a man is marrying her which is not the when it comes for a man.A man might use you for even a decade and even promise to marry you, only to end up dumping you for another lady. To avoid this scenario, here is what to do:

Be an asset to her,not a parasite

Most men overlook beauty when searching for a wife material. The most important thing to do as a lady is to contribute positively to his investment plans. Instead of breaking his bank account, help him build his empire. What I know of men is that a single act from a woman that touches on money would forever touch his heart. If you contribute to his success chances are that he would do everything to take you as a lifetime partner, and if you become a gold digger, he will see you as a parasite.

Avoid alcohol

For God’s sake, avoid alcohol if you need a good man to marry. Men fear women who drink like their father. Men understand that those women who have made the pub their second home can sleep with anyone. On earth, no man is good enough to marry a loose woman.

At least, if you are taking alcohol, carry it to your home and drink as you head to bed.

Never try to outdo him

There is nothing a man hates in a woman like someone who’s trying to outdo him. Any time you’re arguing with a man, accept to lose. In relationships, the ego of a man is paramount.

As a woman, even if you’re doing better than him financially, remain humble and submissive-that way he will marry you without hesitation.

Avoid using the following statements

  • Men are dogs
  • I hate men
  • Anything a man can do a woman can do better
  • Marriage isn’t my thing,even if I don’t get married,I will still survive.
  • I have my money, I pay my bills.

Such phrases don’t augur well for men. They see them as a threat to relationships

Respect his family and friends

Another important thing to note is not to disrespect his family and friends. A man adores his family, as well as his friends. By accepting to marry him, you should embrace his close associates.

If you do those things, you’ll be shocked how fast your man will take you as his wife.