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Why You Should Date a Woman Above 35 Years—Avoid University Girls Like a plague

Why You Should Date a Woman Above 35 Years---Avoid University Girls Like a plague


Few days ago, one of my friends started a chat. Apparently, the man is single and searching. He was trying to figure out himself with a university girl, or at least with a 35 year old woman. After each of the 5 people in the room gave their views, I made some observations.  Today, you will know why it’s more dangerous to date a university girl than a woman above age 35.

University girls don’t know what they want

The worst mistake you can do as a man is to date a woman who doesn’t know what she wants. A university girl’s mind is only thinking of class, boyfriends, nice clothes, chips,soda,yoghurt,sausage and pizza. Even when you try to introduce the topic of buying a plot, she will switch off since she doesn’t see sense in your statement.

If by bad luck you end up marrying her, you will waste about a decade explaining to her the meaning of live.

On the other hand, a woman above 35 years knows what she wants. She has done everything a woman would do at her teenage time and she is now a relaxed being. Engaging this woman in a meaning conversation is pretty easy.

University girls are still experimenting, they must have many partners

A girl in the university is at her adolescence stage, she is still experimenting—trying new things. This lady is very dangerous and on rampage-you can’t stop her from cheating.

A 35-year-old woman is not interested anymore in sleeping around with any ‘taka taka’, her focus is to have a family, settle down, invest and build her career. In short, she doesn’t’ entertain mediocrity.

It’s easier to be infected with STD by a university student than a mature lady

University students are more careless and irresponsible. It’s rare to find any using protection. What these girls believe is that they are immune from STDs.If you make a mistake to date one, you will end up regretting.

Mature ladies are more informed and cautious about their lives. You will hardly find irresponsible one.

University girls are all about money and sex

In fact,it’s more expensive to maintain a university girl than it is to keep a 35-year-old woman.A university girl knows it’s her prime years,so she can get another man even if you dump her.In her mind, she thinks of asking money again and again.This girl is also hyper-if you make a mistake of starving her for even a week, she will move to the next available man.Mature women have a limited bracket, they have almost past their prime time. These women will overlook things like money and sex so as to keep you.