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Why You Should Not Marry a Person You Meet on Facebook

Why You Should Not Marry a Person You Meet on Facebook


Facebook is fun, especially if you’re chatting with a person of opposite sex.But when it comes to marriage, never dare marry someone you meet on Facebook.

There’s a case that got me laughing a week ago. One of my friends met a man on Facebook. They interacted for a while before they decided to meet. After their first meeting, they decided to continue with the relationship. The first 3 months went on well until they resolved a come we stay arrangement.

Problems started when one day,the man got my friend seriously chatting with other men.Furious,he asked her,”why are you chatting with other men when I am here? “She replied,”the same way you got me!”

The man dumped my friend that night.

This case takes us to daily routine of Facebookers.If a woman spares some time to chat with you online, it means she also has time for other men. The habit grows to become a character, which she won’t shed off. Even when you take her as your wife, she will continue chatting with people she used to chat with before meeting you.

Facebookers are strangers. By simply chatting with them, it doesn’t mean we know them.For us to decide that let’s know marry this person, it should take several years of interaction….the interaction should be face to face.

One thing I have noticed over time is that Facebook users can hide a lot from the public. Sometimes you see how others are progressing in life and start hating yourself without necessarily understanding that those individuals fake most of the things so as to look cool. What you should know is, Facebook users are the same people you meet on the road, in the estates,in school and everywhere. On Facebook, they try to create a different impression so that people would not take them as retrogressive. When you marry someone faking almost everything, it means they will also fake live while with you. Such a person can dump you as they wish.

Normally, the person you meet on Facebook may not share your ambitions. You will learn that you have little in common .By the time you discover that,it will be too late. Advisors suggest that you marry someone you schooled with, you shared common activities, you shared neighbourhood and workmates. These are the people you understand their character and believes.