How to Sponsor Betting Predictions Articles on Venas News

How to Sponsor Betting Predictions Articles on Venas News


Venas News is giving you the opportunity to sponsor betting predictions posts on our website. We have been providing betting tips for four months now and most of our articles always go viral. We have an audience of 5 million visitors per month, which we can share with you.Today, you can take advantage of this opportunity to sponsor  as many articles as possible.

Here is the procedure of sponsoring article on Venas News

We know that your articles will contain links to your affiliate programs—we are okay with that. We advise that you write high quality articles and in a style that our audience understands. Then incorporate the links to your affiliate program. After you are through, send them to [email protected] or [email protected]. Alternatively, call +254722927138 for more details.

From our experience, each sponsored post will earn you up to 500 signups,which is good for an affiliate program. The lowest number of signups you can get is 20.Due to this high conversion rate, we charge $100 per single sponsored post.

Note that the links should fit naturally in your posts; they should not be more than three.

How sponsored posts will help you

Assuming you get 100 signups, about 50 will deposit money into their accounts and lose $10 each.It means with $100,you will make $50 the first month. Bettors never give up easily, implying that you will recover your money in 2 months and anything you will earn from there is profit.

Disadvantage of not sponsoring your content

If you don’t sponsor your content, the more popular sites will take the opportunity and snatch your potential players, leaving you with nothing. Take the earliest opportunity to register as many players as possible.