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Bwanangu amefutwa kazi after This Happened, What Can I Do?

Bwanangu amefutwa kazi after This Happened, What Can I Do?


In 2017 I went to visit my husband in his office in Upper Hill.It was end year party and employees were told to bring their spouses. I dressed to kill…you know how first impression can work magic.

That day, my husband picked me in town and we proceeded to their office.On reaching there,we found that they were about to start the ceremony.

Since my husband is an accountant, he sat next to the Chief Finance Officer.I also sat next to him.But as the ceremony continued, my husband went for a short call. That was when his boss requested for my number after I told him I am jobless.

In February,I met my husband’s boss in town,who promised to look for a job for me.Two weeks later,someone called me and told me to go to Westlands Sarit Centre.That’s where I met a man called Steve.We had a short conversation and he told me he works for an NGO and that Steve had told him I needed a job.He continued that he is willing to give me a job.He requested that I give him my CV and certificates.

We have been chatting with Steve for a while until last month when we met in town and he convinced me beyond doubts that I would get a job if I accepted to do as he demanded. He demanded that I sleep with him.I  gave in because I had been jobless for 5 years and my husband has never been helpful.

After sleeping with him,I got the job as a program officer and life continued. My starting salary was Ksh 85,000.But problems started when my husband got a message in my phone from his boss.We had met one Saturday in Machakos.I had cheated my husband that I was going home for a wedding only to go and meet his boss.The message read,”Hey babe?thanks for everything.You are so sweet”.We almost fought that night but I ran away and went to sleep with my neigbour.The following morning,I went to work.

In the evening,my husband came crying and when I asked him why can’t we solve the matter,he said he had been fired because of me.I later heard he went to fight with his boss.

Since then,he has been in the house,jobless and desperate.I am the one paying bills and supporting him.But I now feel tired.Can I divorce him so that I can get space to do my own things?Even his boss promises to marry me.