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Common Challenges Popular Bloggers Face

Common Challenges Popular Bloggers Face


In blogging, there’s a point you reach where you command massive audience-this is where you’re regarded as popular. From the readers’ point of view, a popular blogger is rich, successful and full of life, which is not the case. Popular bloggers endure a lot, but they have no one to share their frustrations with. Below we discuss some of the most common challenges popular blogger face but don’t tell anyone.

They don’t have social life

These guys may seem easy going, fun-loving and outgoing but the fact is, they lack enough time to share with friends and families. The sad part of blogging is that people would expect too much from you, so you have to spend so much time online so as to keep your audience glued to your blog. If you fail to create fresh content, readers will switch to the next available blog.

The worst part of blogging is that readers expect you to know more than they do. In the event that they find your articles aren’t sufficient enough, they will avoid your site henceforth.

For my case, before I started blogging, I was full of life, social and interacted with so many friends. But after I started managing the blogs, sometimes I find it hard to dedicate time to my friends. As a blogger, the more you create content, the more income you get, which is why most of us limit the amount of time we spend with friends. By the way, if you find a blogger who dedicates even 1 hour for you, know that you are a special person to them.

Hosting costs

Another challenge popular bloggers face hosting costs. Most bloggers find it easy to start blogging journey but as they grow in traffic numbers, the demand for more resources also grow, this calls for more cash into hosting plans. For instance, I spend over Ksh50,000 monthly on hosting…I host my blogs on Kinsta.Initially I thought it was easy because I used to spend $13 monthly but it reached a point my former hosting company couldn’t sustain my traffic.Venas News receives up to 15 million visits per month, this is not a site you can host with shared plans.

Fresh ideas

Unless you have passion, it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas. For bloggers who join this profession for money, they quit even before they understand what blogging is all about. I can attest that one challenge almost every blogger faces is coming up with new ideas. Sometimes you go online to check whether the topic you’re about to cover has been covered by almost everyone. The only thing to do is, look for another ‘untouched’ topic and create a nice story out of it.


People often think that popular bloggers are extremely rich—they never get broke. But the reality is, they also get broke and borrow. However, popular bloggers in the affiliate programs never lack money…that one you should know. The nice thing about affiliate program is that money comes when you least expect. By the way, this money is so sweet that you won’t imagine life outside blogging.


You will realize that popular bloggers hate publicity; it’s only struggling bloggers who like being mentioned on social media and major media houses. Even in Kenya, you won’t find bloggers who earn more than Ksh500, 000 per month appearing on TV screens, they hate publicity. What is funny is that successful bloggers are the simple guys you meet


Burnout is usual for bloggers whether experienced or not.It usually take long hours to come up with comprehensive articles and upon completion, the urge to give up sets in.If a blogger doesn’t know how to deal with burnouts, he may end up quitting the profession.

Traffic and competition

The greatest challenge for bloggers is competition. They say rising can be a bit easy-one needs few viral articles, but maintaining the top position is the challenge. Facebook and Google keep on changing their algorithms. Sometimes you might find your blog performing incredibly well, the next morning you find your content isn’t felt by your readers.

For a blogger to maintain their current readership, they have to constantly come up with useful content.