Home LATEST NEWS Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Caught With Someone’s Wife in a Lodging in Kakamega(Video)

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Caught With Someone’s Wife in a Lodging in Kakamega(Video)

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Caught With Someone’s Wife in a Lodging in Kakamega(Video)


Kirinyaga Deputy Governor (Waiguru’s Deputy) H.E Peter Ndambiri  has been caught chewing another man’s wife in a Kakamega lodging.

Mr Peter Ndambiri has been hunting for the petite woman for the better part of the day  when others were busy planning the future of the country.This evening,the money loving woman gave in.He (Peter Ndambiri)hurriedly rented a room in Kakamega with the Devolution Conference per Diem money  where he started harvesting the woman. Someone who knows the lady’s husband alerted the family, who came at a lightning speed.

Few minutes later,Waiguru’s Deputy Governor was caught [email protected] inside the woman at a donkey’s speed. The crowd unplugged him from the woman and started embarrassing him.

You can watch the video below



  1. This lady is part of the set up that’s why she does not reveal any shame on her.Her conduct on camera tells us dat she is not married. Very unfortunate.

  2. Why are they beating the man and not the woman??? The woman has working with those thugs and had been blackmailing the victims

  3. If ua a leader,afather,a husband behave like one, why go touching, touching those beautiful ladies, you will not finish them but instead they will finish u. Just imagine the shame the Dp has caused to his family ad community!!!

  4. its Quite humiliating for such a leader, but how evil are the ones who took the video, I wonder also what kind of a man can expose his wife in that manner. Kenyans please respect your leaders they have their private lives. I pray that God will forgive the DP and also grant him the grace to move on, God shield and protect Him

  5. stop justifying. the deputy was in bad with someones wife. FULLSTOP. If he is a saint & a serious man as you say, he would not be in a lodging with the lady. Hes reputation is now thrown to the dogs.

  6. Am sure he was not the only one who did such an action in kakamega, he is not the first, neither will he be the last. I don’t support the action but at the same time it’s not coming to me as as a surprise.

  7. Comment:DG was wrong, but those who embarrassed him are worse. Kenyans learn to respect our leaders. They r not leaders becoz they should be Angels. We are all walking a narrow path to get to God. Shame on you dirty minded goons. May you also be embarrassed. Mr Peter Ndambiri should be a father. Embarrassing him is embarrassing a whole clan under him. God give Kenyans wisdom

  8. Comment: The DG act was wrong but who is perfect? I can be sure most of those who.embarrassed him are far much worse than him . They will harvest what they sow. #IstandWithNdambiri#

  9. I don’t support his action. But I strongly believe it was a set up. And if the woman is married : shame on her…. She is a disgrace to womanhood.

  10. That Lady is not married She Has Been Doing that for Money She lives in a porsche estate Declaring Herself as an independent single Mother, Those boys Beating up MR NDAMBIRI are a self made Gang collaborating with Her, As a Boy Child i don’t support Mr ndambiris action and decision to Lodge with The Lady But Why set That man up, if you happened to meet MR NDAMBIRI you can tell the kind of a Man He is, if Mr ndambiri can be open enough He gave out some amount of money for the scandal to go underground unfortunately the Goons later sold it for Political purposes….
    # IstandWithNdambiri


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