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Rules of Paying Dowry for a Luo Girl

Rules of Paying Dowry for a Luo Girl


If you are planning to marry a Luo girl, know that there are rules you must follow before being allowed to have her as yours forever. Here are the rules:

For the Singles wishing to marry Luo girls….listen carefully..

Paying Dowry ( Nyombo) Rules.

Announce the day of your visit and prepare yourself well ( Cash-wise)

Change lots of brand new 50bob notes and stash like 1000 worth in several envelopes.

Carry the “Ayie Envelope” separately (nimekubali cash). Depending on how educated the girl is, you can stash from 10k – to – 100k for Nyi Mbalariany( University graduates)- but not too much ..Luos value cows more than cash…the ‘cow day’ is later….!!

Get yourself a nice suit and tie..

Pick 2 or 3 close friends or relatives (at least one parrot)

On the material day, arrive late…(Those who arrive early have already left… without the girl)

Do not enter the home on a motor bike!..

Kama hauna gari, hire or borrow from a friend. If not, use a motor bike but alight a distance away from the home and walk.

As you enter, stay in the middle of your group.You will be shown where to sit..

Do not sit facing your mum in-law’s bedroom door.

Do not stare at the ceiling..(your mum in law stares at it every night (bad manners)

Eat first and do it slowly (you will be served a whole chicken stuffed with spices and God knows what else)

Your colleagues will eat only after you start.. (some may be gluttonous so kula pole pole coz when you stop, they stop too. (inyalo nego gi gi kech)

Eat a little of all the foods especially the ugali.

Do not ask where the toilet is…Utaenda kwa bush…so beba tissue yako kwa mfuko..

Ukipewa chang’aa kidogo ..Drink it even if you are a teetotaler.

Do not finish the food.(there will be some to-old mamas peeping as you eat…(relax they just want to intimidate you so that the left-overs is enough for them)

Do not talk much, if at all..When the speech time comes ,your buddies will do the talking…

Pretend you are important and keep adjusting your mitumba tie…

The village chief and lots of ‘inlaws’ will throng the home especially if you come driving a Benz..(oche ma idewo)

Dish out the envelopes, as many as possible.