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Aliambia Bwanangu,”Ni Mimi Nimekwambia Uweke Yote,Wacha Nipake Mate”,I Went Near To See Only to Find This!

Aliambia Bwanangu,”Ni Mimi Nimekwambia Uweke Yote,Wacha Nipake Mate”,I Went Near To See Only to Find This!


Mimi sipendi kukulwa nje lakini I witnessed something that terribly scared me.I got married in 2015 in Kathwenzeni.We migrated to Nairobi in 2016 when my husband got a job as a Lab Technician.I am a primary teacher and my monthly income is Ksh 12,000.

All along my husband has been faithful to me, he even bought me a phone and a gold chain.I never thought he can change because he is a church goer.But last year he got a promotion in his work and his salary shot by Ksh30,000,he now earns Ksh67,000.I didn’t know pesa hubadilisha wanaume.Immediately he got the promotion,he started kunionyesha madharau,mara oh nitakuchapa na nikulipe,mara wanawake wananifuata kama inzi,mara sijui niliona wapi nikikuoa.

All of a sudden, the house started being inhospitable as we started fighting over small things.Kumbe he had started befriending jirani yangu mkisii.I realized that after I spotted him from the neighbour’s house during wee hours…I was from the shop.Hiyo night sikumuuliza kitu, nilijifanya sikuona.

This month we are on holiday and as usual during holidays I go home to visit my parents. On Friday last week I started the journey to Kathwenzeni.But on reaching Machakos I heard that it had rained heavily and water had made the road impassable. It was around 6 pm.I said instead of going home,let me return and maybe plan to go later.

On reaching Nairobi, I found that it was raining heavily.I took a boda boda to my house.But on reaching at the door,I heard someone cry from inside, Ni Mimi Nimekwambia Uweke Yote,Wacha Nipake Mate”.My heart started beating fast as I listened more.Then I heard again,”uwezi kumaliza moja uniache hivo,enda ya pili”.I went straight to the window and looked inside and that’s’ when I saw neighbor amemwanikia halfu my husband akilamba lolo akisema,uuui,uuui,help me God,soo sweet”

Jeaous almost killed me,I opened the window and shouted,”yaani Kilonzo hii ndio unanifanyia?Fungua mlango tuonane saa hii!My husband jumped from the bed and rushed out with his trouser.The kisii woman also followed him.As I was struggling to open the door,my husband opened it kwa nguvu and left me dropping on the floor.They disappeared.

It’s on Monday that my husband came and when I tried to ask him,he said hakuna kitu nitamfanyia an kama nataka kuenda niende.

To teach him a lesson,I took these contacts I have in my phone and called for help.

Phone number +254740637248

Email: [email protected]

His email address www.mugwenudoctors.com

I called him inquiring about his work.He told me to meet him in Nairobi,which I did on Tuesday.The Mganga did a fantastic job.Alikoroga dawa akaniambia niwekee bwana kwa ujia halafu niweke ingine kwa mlango ya huyo jirani.Saa hii my husband’s private parts are big and itching while my kisii neighbor alitoroka juzi hajaonekana.I am waiting to see what will happen next.I am told my husband won’t repeat and he will love me forever.



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