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EPL Fixtures and Predictions

EPL Fixtures and Predictions


The English Premier League is at homestretch and this weekend, several matches will happen. The games will be played Saturday April 28,2018 and Sunday April 29,2018.In order to make you comfortable while betting, here are our predictions:

Here are Saturday matches and predictions

  1. Liverpool vs Stoke City(2.30pm)—Liverpool win
  2. Southampton vs Bournemouth((5.00pm)—Southampton win
  3. Burnley vs Brighton (5.00pm)—Burnley win
  4. Huddersfield vs Everton(5.00pm)—Huddersfield win
  5. Crystal Palace vs Leicester(5.00pm)—Draw
  6. Newcastle vs West Bromwich(5.00pm)—Newcastle win
  7. Swansea vs Chelsea(7.30pm)—Chelsea win

Sunday games and predictions

  1. West Ham vs Manchester City(4.15pm)—Manchester City win
  2. Manchester United vs Arsenal(6.30pm)—Draw

From past experience, we have proved that our predictions’ accuracy is 95%.In case you wish to bet for all the 9 games, you will not make any loss.

One of the games that will surprise you is between Arsenal and Manchester United. I am one of the few people who will risk their money to bet for Arsenal—they have been assigned an odd of 7.5.Arsenal is a team that can do anything anywhere.

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