This is What Uhuru Plans To Do To Ruto—Intelligence Report!!!

This is What Uhuru Plans To Do To Ruto---Intelligence Report!!!


I know you may not understand Uhuru’s game plan. According to intelligence,Uhuru’s plans on Ruto are close to his chest.

The fact that the President brought Raila to Jubilee should not be misunderstood.Uhuru’s intention was to first dismantle the opposition, then beg Raila to unite with Gideon Moi to form a formidable force against Ruto.Ruto knows exactly why Uhuru is doing so.From Ruto and Uhuru’s point of view,Gideon Moi is not electable due to his father’s sins.By grouping Raila with him,Ruto will find an easy  path come 2018.

Uhuru does not want to be seen endorsing Ruto but his dealings will earn the son of Sigoi the presidency on a silver platter. In 2002 former President Moi vigorously campaigned for Uhuru—he now expects his  son to endorse him.At the moment,the president is in a dilemma and he must play smart not to hear the Mzee.Those close to Ruto, like Murkomen,understand Uhuru’s game plan,which is why they are not condemning the handshake.Murkoment knows Ruto’s hands are in State House but he needs to maintain his political capital so as to beat the son of Moi.

For the next 5 years the person who will lose most is Raila but he is blind to the fact that he is being used.