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Why You Should Not Marry a Man Without Beards

Why You Should Not Marry a Man Without Beards


If you’re planning to marry, never accept a man without beards. The major reason why a man fails to grow beards is low level of testosterone. Testosterone is part of a group of hormones called androgens, which regulate, among other things, male secondary sex characteristics. That covers physical attributes usually associated with men, but which are not directly involved in reproduction. Like beards.

But testosterone levels alone don’t determine beardiness. Years of research have more-or-less confirmed that a chemical called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, induces beard growth. DHT is essentially a super-potent form of testosterone, but here’s the weird twist: DHT also causes hair loss.

Now,as a woman, there are more than 10 reasons to reject a man without beards.

They behave like women

As a woman, you need someone who is masculine…you need someone who can protect you—you need someone who does not cry when things go south, but a man without beards will disappoint you.This man,we can call him a woman also, will cry when faced with challenges. In the house, when the woman is crying, instead of comforting him, he will also start crying.

He is not masculine

Women get attracted to masculine men. They love men who can protect them from external aggressors, unfortunately men without beards have feminism look. In simple terms, these men won’t protect you at all.

He can easily sire a bisexual human being

A man without beards can easily sire a bisexual child. This is because his genes when mixed with those of a woman confuse the reproductive system, ending up producing a strange child.


Men are not supposed to cry, unless the situation becomes worse, but a man without beards can cry even for nothing. As a woman, would you like to be married by this man?!!!

He is more focused about his beauty

Men without beards feel sweet.In most cases,these guys behave like women and almost every time,they are thinking of nice clothes, well-kept hair and flawless walking style.As a woman,you won’t tolerate such a man because you will be competing in so many aspects in the house.

A real man does not care about beauty,he cares more about his assets and how best he can invest to save his family from poverty.