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Diploma Courses which are better than degrees in Kenya

Diploma Courses which are better than degrees in Kenya


There is a general perception in Kenya that degree courses are better than diploma certificates, but in reality there are a couple of diploma courses which are better than degree programs. The bitter fact is that some degree programs like BSc Education pay less than what professions like Quantity Surveying and Nursing pay.For a detailed analysis, here is a list of diploma courses which are better than some degree programs.

Diploma In Estate Agency And Property Management

Diploma in Estate Agency And Property Management is offered at The University of Nairobi. This program is highly marketable and one that can open floodgate of opportunities for you.

Currently, the real estate industry is booming and the demand for real estate agents is soaring.Without doubts, after you have graduated with a diploma in real estate, you won’t find it hard to get employed as you seek to employ yourself.

I have never worked as a real estate agent but from what I have gathered from friends, this is a lucrative industry. One of my friends who manage houses in Githurai says he gets 10% from the amount he collects from one house. He manages a total of 15 houses in Nairobi and each house earns him 10% of Ksh 300,000 he collects monthly. If you do your month, you’ll learn that he pockets over Ksh300,000 per month. Now tell me, can you compare this course with Bachelor of Education?!!!

Diploma In Purchasing & Supplies Management

A recent survey showed that most graduates prefer purchasing and supply to medicine. They are aware that this is where deals are made.

If you pursue purchasing and supplies and secure a job where tendering is the order of the day, you won’t even touch your salary!

Diploma In Human Resource Management

Human Resource officers are extremely powerful in any organization due to the fact that they determine the face of that company. Since their position is strategic, they are exposed to so many opportunities and favours.It’s therefore worth to note that having a diploma in human resource management is way better than being an economist in Kenya. By the way, who will employ you as an economist?!!!

The University of Nairobi is the best place to pursue a diploma in human resource management.

Diploma in Quantity Surveying

Another diploma course in focus is quantity surveying. If I were a student and I fail to score C+ in KCSE,I will join Technical University of Kenya for a diploma in Quantity Surveying. I know you may not be aware how marketable this course is but if I point out the number of millionaires this career has borne in Kenya, you will wonder what the hell you are doing in your profession.

The beauty of quantity surveying is that no matter how bad the economy is, you won’t lack something to do to keep you going.

Diploma in Pharmacy

If you’re lucky to join Kenya Medical Training College, Diploma in Pharmacy is one to set your eyes on. Upon completion, start your own Chemist and rake in millions.

Even if you scored C+ and above and one useless university admitted you for Bachelor of Science general, cancel that admission and enroll for a diploma course in Pharmacy or Quantity Surveying.

Diploma in Architecture

Architecture has never lost its taste as one of the best courses to pursue in Kenya. We say ‘like father like son’, which is a phrase we can perfectly apply into this case. Since a degree program in Architecture is marketable, why could its diploma be useless?!!!No way. If you’re currently pursuing diploma in architecture be proud you are doing something worth mentioning.

Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication

You may argue that journalism is flooded, but who said the market is not pregnant with expectations for highly gifted journalists? What will surprise you is that the most popular journalist around pursued their diplomas from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

The world is strange: Imagine a whole teacher with a Masters qualification earning Ksh30,000 when a diploma holder working as a news anchor pocketing Ksh 600,000 per month!!!What is heartbreaking is that teaching has a salary ceiling, in fact you won’t earn above Ksh200,000 no matter how good you are.But as a journalist, you can pocket even Ksh 2 million.