Factors to Consider before Picking The Best Betting Company to Place Your Bets

Factors to Consider before Picking The Best Betting Company to Place Your Bets


With the emergency of numerous betting companies, it’s hard to distinguish between the best and the worst betting companies. More often than not, bettors get confused on which company to stick to and those to drop in their chase for quick online money. It’s worth saying that there are important factors one should consider when narrowing down to few credible betting companies.

I think I am guilt here; about 3 years ago, several betting companies were incorporated in our country, and as a gambler I got excited with some of them. Unfortunately I got disappointed on the way due to delay in payment and other reasons beyond my control. Today I am wiser and it’s this wisdom I would like to share.

  1. Prompt payment

What will you do if you win $1000 and wait for at least one day for the betting company to credit the money into your account? Of course you’ll have a bone to pick with them. A good betting company doesn’t take long before they pay a winner, especially if the money is not in millions. Companies like 1XBET and Betway take at most 30 minutes to credit players’ accounts, which is a good gesture.

The reason why some companies take so long to pay winners is that their accounts do not balance. You’ll find that in a game like that of Manchester United and Arsenal, Manchester wins as anticipated and almost every gambler made correct predictions. In such a case, if a betting company does not have enough money in their account, they’ll wait until other players lose so as to pay the winners. Once you realize so, you move to the next available credible company.

  1. International reputations

Another important factor to consider is the international reputation of a company. If a betting company does not have a history, then it’s hard to trust them especially in regards to jackpots. Companies like Betway and Sportpesa have an excellent international reputation such that they will pay you promptly regardless of the money you win.

When a small company introduces a jackpot of $100 million and you know well they don’t have a history, you should be careful not to spend money on them. In case you win, they will play hide and sick game.

  1. Odds

Odds are very important because they determine the proportion of money to win in relation to your bet amount. Companies acquire betting software from different sources; the way odds are fixed is different from one betting company to the other, which is the reason most people are able to stick to some betting companies for long.

I will task you to identify one match and compare odds across different betting sites. The one with the best odds should be your number one choice. In Kenya the company with the best odds is 1XBET,you can visit their site here and confirm

  1. Bonuses

Though people say bonuses are a way of wooing players, they help to some extent. If a company does not appreciate you, why would you stick to it.I find it nice when companies like 1XBET, Betway, BetPawa,Betika and Betin reward players with bonuses, this is a good gesture. I also don’t find Sportpesa friendly when it comes to bonuses and incentives, they are so mean.

One thing you’ll like about bonuses is that even if you lose,one time,you can recover your money when bonuses come by. Take example of 1XBET.The company rewards players with bonuses once they lose up to Ksh10,000.As a player, when you know that you’ll eventually be appreciated, you won’t mind losing money to the company.

  1. Support

Customer service is very crucial when it comes to betting. Any betting company should be ready to answer to players queries. For instance,if a player won and he wasn’t paid due to technicalities, the company should always be available for the player. Most betting companies lose players due to lack of support.

  1. Honesty

As much as you are a betting company, you must employ high level of honesty. If for instance you indicated that your bonus amount is $1 billion and someone wins it.don’t start playing games. Players love when they are rewarded and given what is rightfully theirs.

  1. Friendly dashboard (website)

There are some websites you visit,very disorganized and unfriendly.If as a player you realize the betting company’s website isn’t organized,that’s a sign that anything bad can happen to you.


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