Taboola to Start Operations in Kenya

Taboola to Start Operations in Kenya


Taboola,one of the world’s contextual advertisement network, will start operations in Kenya this year. The company has announced it will start accepting advertisements from Kenyan companies from as soon as May 2018.

One of the major companies in Kenya received this message:


We are happy to announce that Taboola is launching new partnership soon in Kenya.

We saw that you were interested working with us in the past and would like to start  a new conversation with you.

Taboola is the largest content discovery network worldwide reaching 1 Billion users and over +360Bn recommendations per month. Our native advertising recommendations can be found on premium websites including MSN, Euronews, The Independent, Business Insider.

I would be happy to put you in touch with one of our Sales Managers. In the meantime, could you give me some information on the following, so that we can have a better understanding of your goals for this campaign?

  1. The content you would like to promote (examples and specific URL’s)
  2. Campaign goals you would like to achieve (e.g. new traffic, average pages per visit, email signup, conversion to purchase, etc.)
  3. What is your typical monthly budget for a test?

I look forward to hearing from you”

What does this mean for bloggers and advertisers? It’s highly likely that the CPC and CPM for Kenyan bloggers currently on Taboola will reduce significantly.Historically, Kenyan advertisers don’t match their U.S and Europe counterparts in regards to spending on advertisements.So,if you are monetizing via Taboola,expect the CPM and CPC to reduce drastically.Also,we anticipate a fierce competition from AdSense and MGID  for advertisers.

What bloggers should also understand is that for one to join Taboola, their blogs must be receiving at least 5 million visits per month.However,as Taboola enters the Kenyan market, we expect them to make it easy for Kenyan publishers to join the platform.Our observation is that minimum traffic will be 500,000 page views per month.

Currently,most blogs in the country are monetizing with AdSense,Content ad and MGID and only a few are on Taboola because of traffic requirements.MGID and Content ad are the easiest to join.for instance,if you own a blog and apply for approval by MGID through this link,you will be accepted and start making money immediately.