Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s CV

Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s CV


Here is the CV of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

 Attended Kikowani Primary School and performed dismally.

 Dropped out of Form 2 at Kwale High School.

 Convicted and sentenced to serve time at Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison for theft and fraud.

 Escaped from prison and changed his name to Mika Musa.

 Changed his name again to Mike Munga.

 Moved to Nairobi and changed his name to Mike Gidion Kioko Mbuvi.

 Bought matatus and became a “makanga” in Nairobi.

 Opened Bars and started selling drugs in Buru Buru estate.

 Bought a nomination certificate from Narc-Kenya in 2010.

 Elected MP for Makadara on September 20, 2010 by-election.

 Bought a university degree from the Kenya Methodist University.

 Called for the forceful circumcision of Luos.

 Boxed buildings in Nairobi.

 Poured “unga” on Nairobi streets.

 Danced and lay on streets at The Hague.

 Terrorized motorists and mourners in Nairobi with armed goons.

 Claimed that he was Acting President of the Republic of Kenya.

 Has spoken ZERO TIMES in Parliament in 8 years.

Governor of Nairobi.


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