Anne Kiguta Dumps Jomo Gecaga—Uhuru’s Nephew

Anne Kiguta Dumps Jomo Gecaga---Uhuru's Nephew


TV siren Anne Kiguta has dumped Uhuru’s nephew Jomo Gecaga.

Jomo is the father of Anne’s twins. He has been warming the journalist’s bed until they brought to this world two bouncing babies. But storm started forcing it’s way into Jomo’s life today when Anne deleted any tweet mentioning the father of her children. To ensure the world knows what’s going on between the two, she went ahead and deleted all photos and videos they have taken together.

The story got juicy after Anne unfriended and unfollowed Jomo on social media…they are now worlds apart!

But as the law demands,Jomo will pay upkeep amount,I guess in the tune of millions, to make Anne and her children comfortable. It’s not clear what led to the current scenario but as smart as Anne is, she secured her future by trapping the innocent Jomo!