Men, This is Why You Should Buy XIAOMI Waterproof Shaver from Zapals

Men, This is Why You Should Buy XIAOMI Waterproof Shaver from Zapals


XIAOMI Waterproof shaver is one any man needs so to avoid the risks and inconveniences associated with barber shops;luckily,Zapals has amazing waterproof shaver which is now on discount at their online store

Before I say much, here are the reasons you should have a shaver in your house:

No infections

It’s certainly true, when you visit a barber shop, you are likely to pick infections, which include fungi, bacteria, HIV and other deadly diseases. This is because every human being who needs a shave visits a barber shop, except a few who manage to buy a shaver . Those machines at the barber shop are shared among the crowd,which is extremely dangerous to a person’s health.

By securing yourself this XIAOMI shaver, you prevent yourself from picking infections from the barber shops.


When you have a shaver in your house,you can shave at any time .This is contrary to what we witness in barber shops where huge lines are evident almost all the time.


Every time you visit a barber shop, you have to pay at least $30.Over time, it becomes overly expensive.XIAOMI shaver costs $44.90 which is equivalent to around three months’ expenditure on shaving. This shaver will last for at least 5 years since its waterproof. This implies for 5 years, you will save over $1,500


In barber shop, it’s all about business. As a customer, you won’t have much comfort because other customers are in the line. This is contrary when you have your won shaver. You can decide to shave yourself forever.

In regards to XIAOMI Waterproof Shaver from Zapals, these are the features that make it the best shaver in the market:

Quick Shaving

360 degree floating surface system with double-blade knife head, ensures close skin contact for a faster and closer shave, perfectly fit for facial curve, let your shaving more thorough and shorter.

Powerful MABUCHI MOTOR 260

Powerful motor ensures smooth shaving, provides continuous and steady power, no pinch.

Precision Design

Adapted with JFE & SANDVIK high-quality steel and ECM electrochemical machining process, not only avoid the appearance of metal burrs, but also make the tool wear-resistant degree greatly improved.

IPX7 Degree Waterproof

It can be rinsed directly, which is clean and convenient.

Standard Mode & Accelerated Mode

Standard mode is suitable for users with general beard density. The acceleration shield gives the razor a speed of about 3.9 meters per second, which is especially suitable for the deep cleansing needs of the thick-bearded user.

PPG Anti-fingerprint Touch Paint

Avoid leaving fingerprints, let the holding feeling more comfortable.

Travel Locks

Prevent from accidentally starting up on a trip.

Cleaning Failure Light

When the stubble storage room accumulates too much beard, affects the best performance of razor, clean/trouble light rises, remind the user to clean the stubble storage room in time.

Powerful Battery

The electric shaver has a built-in lithium battery, which can last 60 minutes in full power and can be shaved 30 times. With USB seat charger, also can be charged by mobile power or computer, travel without worry.

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