Betting Tips and Best Odds for EPL Matches

Betting Tips and Best Odds for EPL Matches


A total of 6 matches will be played in the English Premier League. Most of the games do not have clear winners .For a gambler, it’s nice to seek opinion online to determine how to bet for the matches. Here we have a list of best odds and betting tips that would help you to avoid losing your betting money.

Stoke City vs Crystal Palace

Whenever Crystal Palace is playing, more than 2 goals must be scored. Crystal Palace has good strikers and poor defense, which means as they score, they have to be scored too.Most of the time,when betting fin a match where Crystal Palace is a participant, indicate that more than 1.5 goals will be scored—this is a sure bet.You should also indicate that both teams will score due to the leaking nature of Crystal Palace’s defense.

The best odds for this match are:

More than 2.5 goals to be scored(odd 2.0) Betway

Highest scoring half—Second half(odd2.1) Betway

Both teams to score

Leicester vs West Ham

Leicester does not score many goals in normal cases, but today they are playing at home. The only sure way to earn money from this game is to say less than 4.5 goals will be scored, otherwise you’ll be playing with fire.

West Bromwich vs Tottenham

West Bromwich is currently at position 20 in the English Premier League. History says that such teams terrorize big teams when the league is heading the homestretch. Today it won’t be easy for Tottenham,they might draw.

The best odd for this match is that less than 3.5 goals will be scored. Another sure bet is that most goals will be experienced in the second half. The second half is important for Tottenham because it’s normal for weak teams to surrender if they fail to make an impact in first half.You can place your bet at Betway through this link

Bournemouth vs Swansea

Swansea is fighting relegation while Bournemouth is a bit comfortable. The pressure today will be on Swansea. What we suspect is that such game can be fixed. As a bettor, it’s nice you place your bets in favour of Swansea.

The first betting tip is that more than 1.5 goals will be scored. We also predict a win or draw for Swansea

Watford vs Newcastle

Newcastle and Watford don’t have anything to lose from this game.You will realize that both teams have already secured their places on next season’s EPL.A game like this doesn’t witness many goals. You will be surprised the game will end 0-0 or 1-0 in favour of Watford. But the bet odd is to indicate that Watford will win or draw.

Everton vs Southampton

Everton are fighting to qualify for Europa league next season while Southampton are fighting not to be relegated. This match must witness goals.For a clever bettor,indicate that more than 1.5 goals will be scored.Also,bet that both teams will score.

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