Why You Should Not Marry a Kikuyu Lady

Why You Should Not Marry a Kikuyu Lady


There are over 13 serious reasons why you should marry kikuyu ladies, but there are more serious reasons why you shouldn’t dare marry one. We all know Kikuyu women are beautiful, charming and hardworking but if you make a risk of marrying one, the worst will befell you. Here are concrete reasons to support our argument.

They like being single mothers

Though Kikuyu women are can be married to the end of life, they love their space and freedom. Regardless of how happy you are as a family, she will one day wake up and say enough is enough.

They are too ambitious

Kikuyu women will drive you like a car in a highway.These women are too ambitious that they don’t have time for average men.If a Kikuyu woman realizes that your speed is not at par with hers, she will dump you.

They can beat you if you misbehave

Beating cases are only rampant in Central Kenya and Nairobi and they involve tough women who are keen to take over as the heads of families.

If as a man your work is to take starehe kwa fombe,the Kikuyu wife will beat you like hell.

Kikuyu land lady syndrome

Most houses in Nairobi and Central Kenya are owned by Kikuyu women whose husbands died long ago after accumulating wealth. The husbands die mysteriously leaving their wives with the entire estate.

Majority inasemekana ni maji maji

Men claim that though Kikuyu women are beautiful, majority are maji maji.I can’t say it’s true because scientists haven’t confirmed.

If you become broke,they will divorce you

Kikuyu women don’t tolerate broke guys.For a man to continue keeping a kikuyu woman, he has to be always loaded.

By the way,a Kikuyu woman will dump you and feel nothing over that.

If you show a Kikuyu lady Ksh1000,000 and tell her, “I need one shot”, she will give you without minding she is married.

The love for money by Kikuyu woman is massive.If you put Ksh1 million in her hands and tell her, “one shot please”, she will remove for you and you will feast on her that day.

She takes a man as a source of investment

A Kikuyu lady takes a man as a source of investment. A man and an ATM are put on one side in regards to value and when the man becomes less valuable, the woman moves to another man who can be equated to an ATM