Why You Should Marry an Ugly Man—Don’t Marry Handsome Men!!!

Why You Should Marry an Ugly Man---Don’t Marry Handsome Men!!!


I know most ladies won’t agree to this but let me say it anyway. Marrying an ugly man is the best thing you’ll ever do to your life. You may dispute this if you’re a teenager but when your time comes, your regrets will be all over the face. For those ready to hear this story, here is the best advice you can get from a blogger who cares for you.

A handsome man is like a ripe banana beside a road

Handsome men are irresistible when it comes to relationships. Most women love attractive and well-polished men and that’s where handsome men fall. If you get married to this man, be ready to share him with other 50 women.

Ugly men won’t hurt you because they fear losing you

This is a sure statistic: nearly 98% of women a ugly man approaches reject him. This statistics reveals that whenever a woman accepts the man, he will always do anything to keep her because in case she leaves, it would take ages to get another woman.

Handsome men are full of themselves

Handsome men know that they are hot and that even if they dump you, they won’t take time before you are replaced. The fact that they understand how marketable they are, they develop and ego,which makes them treat women like Sh$t

Certainly, ugly men know they have nothing appealing so they tend to be humble. This will force them treat you well for fear of losing you.

Most handsome men are lazy and not visionary

If you look around,you’ll notice that handsome men are behind in almost everything. In fact,most of them depend on their parents for survival. But ugly men know that without assets, they are noting.They, therefore,tend to work hard to cover their insecurities.

Peace of mind

If you want to die of pressure and all STDs marry and handsome man.These guys are overly careless and emotional.For peace of mind lovers go for ugly men.


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