Best Way to Get More Google Traffic using SEMrush SEO tool

Best Way to Get More Google Traffic using SEMrush SEO tool


SEMrush is a SEO tool that every popular blogger uses to get more Google traffic.The tool can boost your traffic numbers by 200% even without boosting your articles on Facebook.

I have been using SEMrush for close to four years and so far results are amazing.What this tool does is amazing…but for the sake of bloggers hearing it for the first time, here is how you’ll benefit from the tool.

Spying on other bloggers content

If there’s a tool that will help you beat your competitors hands down, it’s SEMrush.This SEO tool spies on other bloggers content to determine the most popular keywords in their blogs. Using the information, you’ll build content around those keywords.

Keyword suggestions

The most important element you need as a blogger is getting articles to rank on page one of Google. You can’t succeed without the help of SEO tools like SEMrush.The main reason SEMrush was built was to help you identify the best keywords that would rank well on Google.

Help in indexing of your content

Sometimes you may create a post and post it online only to discover that it’s not appearing on Google.SEMrush will make sure that all your posts are indexed on Google.

Monitor the ranking of your articles

You know, over time bloggers come with fresh content. You will discover that an article that ranked number one on Google about 2 years ago has been pushed down to position six. Such articles are archived in your blog. The work of SEMrush is to remind you that your blog ranking is deteriorating and you need to do something.Once you know what’s happening, you can pick the affected articles, revamp them and repost .Within a day, you’ll notice a huge boost in ranking.

These are just some of the nice things SEMrush can do.In order to discover more,you can sign up for a free trial and get amazing results.

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