Uhuru may Not Support Ruto in 2022

Uhuru may Not Support Ruto in 2022


Perhaps you have wondered why Raila is so comfortable with President Uhuru Kenyatta yet Ruto is uncomfortable with Raila’s joining of the ruling party. It’s emerging that the President may not support Ruto’s candidature in 2022.

Let’s use common sense here.Moi was made president by Uhuru’s father.The former President overlooked Saitoti,Kalonzo and Mudavadi to pick Uhuru in 2002.Do you think Uhuru will overlook Gideon Moi to support Ruto in 2022?Never.

As it approaches 2022, communication between the president and his deputy will be less and less while Gideon’s relationship with Uhuru will blossom. But what is evident is that Uhuru does not want to hurt Ruto and neither does he want to hurt Moi senior.The best thing he will do is,tell Ruto and Moi to meet at the field and whoever will win,well and good.

If you are a keen observer,you have noticed that the closeness Ruto used to have with the president is no more.You have also observed that Gideon’s name is mentioned more than any other politician in Kenya.What this means is that  Uhuru is more comfortable with Gideon that his deputy.

You saw what happened to the DP last week—he was blocked from seeing the former President at his Kabarak home. Earlier, Raila walked majestically into the same compound and was fondly welcomed by Gideon.The game that’s played here will hurt the DP.

In Kenya, a president is not elected, he is chosen in a boardroom.Raila was brought on board to help the President in case of anything. He has numbers, the mouth to scare an enemy and the strategy. The role he will play is more crucial than even Uhuru.

What we shall witness over the next three years is drama…let the referendum debate gain momentum first!