Here is a Free App, Uzyma, That Allows you To Win Cash Every Day

Here is a Free App, Uzyma, That Allows you To Win Cash Every Day


A group of Kenyans have developed a  free App that allows individuals to win cash by just answering simple questions. The App was developed this year, 2018 and its popularity is beginning to soar beyond imagination.

On Friday last week I was among a group of friends who were introduced to the App.I didn’t know it was free when one of my relatives was showing me how it works. Since I am patient, I keenly listened. At first I almost ignored him but when he said there is money to be won, I became keener. I downloaded the App from Google Play Store for free,then answered 13 simple questions.Luckily,I got all the questions correct and won Ksh1,000.After about 30 minutes, I received the cash in my phone through MPESA.

This is how the App works

Downoad Uzyma App from Google Play Store for free through this link. Then install in in your mobile phone.

In the App, there is a trivia which involves answering 13 simple questions. The trivia comes once a day, at 8.50 pm.Once you have the App in your phone, wait until it’s 8.45 pm to answer the questions which appear automatically. The questions are not mathematical; they are based on the happenings in the country and general knowledge questions.

Every time you pick and answer, you’ll be told whether it’s a correct one or not. Upon answering the 13 questions, the App will inform you how many you have correctly answered. In case you get all the thirteen questions correct, you will earn free money.

The good thing about this App is that you learn as many things as possible. It’s also free to install—no cost are incurred. Above all, you’ll entertain yourself and earn money.

There’s actually more going on in the app. The idea is to have a full lifestyle app. So they have a few listings of beauty services but I’m told they are working on expanding this to other types of services like piano classes, guitar classes, and art classes.