How to Get a Rich Sugar mummy in Nairobi

How to Get a Rich Sugar mummy in Nairobi


Money is good and when you don’t have it, make sure you do everything to attract some. Having a sugar mummy is one way of becoming rich. But in Nairobi, it’s not easy to get one unless you do the following.

Rent a bed sitter/servant quarter in rich estates

Rich women don’t like mixing with poor men’they love privacy.It can take a rich woman forever to visit estates like Embakasi,Umoja,Kayole,Kibera and Rongai unless she is asking for votes. In order to attract the attention of this woman, you have to stay near her. It’s obvious you can’t afford a Ksh100,000 mansion in Runda,the only option for you is to rent a single room or bedsitter in one of the rich suburbs in Nairobi. This way, you’ll be able to meet the rich women, possibly your neighbour and the land lady.

Search for employment in posh estates

The surest way to meet and get the attention of a rich woman is to work for them.If by chance you happen to frequent their homesteads, you’ll find them so cheap and easy to deal with. You know,rich women are lonely and f their husbands aren’t around,you’ll get a through pass and money

Hang out in 5-big hotels

There are specific hotels in Nairobi exclusively for rich people. In these hotels, you’ll never miss to spot an isolated lady drinking and having fun. Use your common sense and attract her attention.

Go to churches frequented by rich people

Some churches are only available for the rich. Churches like Maxwell SDA and JCC are dominated by rich women. As a clever man, never miss to attend sermons in these churches. Also pretend that you are an angel so that the women can like your character and possibly start interacting with you.

On social media

Social media is a place where most people meet and interact.In case you spot a rich lady on social media,ensure you always comment on her posts .Over time,you will start interacting in the inbox  and later exchange numbers. The moment she gives you her number…baaas.