Women from these Kenyan Tribes Never Get Satisfied in Bed

Women from these Kenyan Tribes Never Get Satisfied in Bed


About a week ago a group of ‘boys’ sat in Nairobi CBD to discuss Kenyan women. One man raised this sensitive issue. I am married but my wife simfeel kabisa.Once I am done with her, she never bothers to ask for it,anatosheka haraka.After that point,each of the boys gave their opinion about Kenyan women who are never satisfied with men in bed.This is what I sampled from the discussion.


Kamba women will finish with you today and ask for it after two hours. If you starve her for a week, be sure she will look for another man to quench her thirst.

Unlike other women who say,”wacha itoshe”.Kamba women never get tired,they will encourage you to continue digging until uinue mikono.


Luo women will demand for it even in broad daylight before your friends. The reason they never get satisfied is because they have a lot of fat in between their legs.The fat generates constant heat that need drilling.


Who said Luhya women get tired?Not me!Like Kamba women,Luhya ladies won’t give you breathing space—it’s diet for them.


Taita are sweet and hot, they also demand the ting almost always. If you deny her,the following day you’ll meet her with your brother and you won’t believe your eyes.

Some Kisii women

Kisii women may not be as good as Kamba in bed but some of them never get satisfied,especially those who haven’t undergone FGM.

Somali women

The last group is the Somali women.No wonder they can give birth to 16 children and feel nothing!

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