Pastor Maina Nganga’s Ksh100 million Hotel—Hapa Ndio Pesa Yenu Inaenda

Pastor Maina Nganga’s Ksh100 million Hotel---Hapa Ndio Pesa Yenu Inaenda


Neno Evangelism Center founder and Pastor Maina Nganga is not a small man as you see him,he owns a Ksh100 million hotel.

The hotel is located at Naivasha along Nairobi-Nakuru Highway .He built it about 5 years ago when Kenyans trusted their pastors more than Jesus.Nganga, who was acquitted of murder charges even after killing an innocent Kenyan, is the sole owner of the hotel.

Recently, the pastor got a boom and renovated it…it now looks like a 5-star hotel.

Now,as his follower,why are you poor yet your pastor is excessively rich?!!