Ladies, Here are Simple Exercises for Perfect Buttocks, Thighs, and Legs

Ladies, Here are Simple Exercises for Perfect Buttocks, Thighs, and Legs


If you want to achieve perfect buttocks, thighs and legs, you have to do regular exercises. But you may do wrong ones and develop muscles like men, which is why you need to follow the following simple advise and become a darling of the entire community.


These several exercises which we’ve prepared for you will strengthen your body, burn surplus fat, and tone the muscles. You should begin with one set of each exercise. Once you get comfy, you should increase to two sets and so on. Let’s take a look at the exercises now:

Thigh exercises

Side lunge

Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart and step to the right. Lower the weight over the bent leg and slowly go upright and then put the foot back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

Butt lift with medicine ball

Lie on the back, the knees need to be bent, and the feet on the floor. Then, squeeze a medicine ball between the knees and raise the buttock to make a straight line from the knees all the way to the shoulders. Make sure the neck is relaxed. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then go to the primary position.

Inner thigh leg lift

Lie on the side and bend the top leg over the bottom one and put the knee on the ground in front of you. Raise the straight leg few inches and then lower it back, but make sure it doesn’t touch the ground. Do 10 repetitions on one side and 10 on the other.

Buttocks exercises

Since toned thighs mean nothing without well-shaped buttocks, you should take a look at these exercises which will tone your buttocks in no time!

Glute bridges

This exercise doesn’t target the glutes only, but the lower back and hamstrings as well. Lie flat on the back with the knees bent and the arms at the sides of the body. Slowly, squeeze the glutes and lift the hips to the ceiling. Imagine a straight line from the knees to the shoulders. The head and neck need to be relaxed. After 3 seconds or so, lower the hips gradually.

Donkey kick

This exercise will strengthen the glutes, but the core as well. Begin on the hands and knees and with the hands below the shoulders. The knees need to be below the hips. Then, stretch the right leg behind you until it’s aligned with the spine. Imagine a straight line from head to toe. Next, gradually lower the leg back down and repeat the same movement on the other side.