Best Tips Mothers should teach their Daughters

Best Tips Mothers should teach their Daughters


A mother is her daughter’s very first role model. A little girl tends to learn most of the things by imitating her mother. Be it the dressing sense, the conversing style, etc., a young girl looks up to her mother and learns various behavioural patterns from her. A mother is a daughter’s first best friend, and a daughter always comes to her for advice no matter how old she turns. So, as a mother, there are a few important things you need to teach your daughters as early as possible.  Below are some tips to guide you

Fixing things around the house: I know a lot of you will say that this is a dad thing, but stereotypes like that are just not my cup of tea. Knowing how to fix your own things around the house when they break and teaching your daughter as well is a great skill.

The Importance of a Career: Tell your daughter how important it is to have a career that she loves so that she is financially independent, which is extremely important in today’s world. Teach your daughter to familiarize herself with women who are active, productive contributors.

Self-esteem: Let your daughter know that she is beautiful just the way she is and she must love her natural looks, building in her a sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Being cost efficient: Moms can be pretty incredible when it comes to dealing with money. A lot of moms are in charge with the budget in their households and therefore have the sometimes impossible task of having “enough” money for everything-savings, groceries, occasional spoiling or splurging etc. Single moms are on an even more incredible level and they deserve a lot of extra praise. No matter what mom category we are talking about, us moms always have tricks up our sleeves when it comes to budgeting that are a must have skill for kids and even more for teenagers.

Independence: It is very important to teach your daughter how to be independent and learn to do things on her own, right from a young age, so that she will not have to depend on anyone when she gets older.

Being a woman is not easy: Our world is unfair to women in thousands of different ways. A strong mother teaches her daughter how to navigate the challenges of womanhood with dignity, grace, and integrity.

Taking Care of Family/Property:  Teach her how to take care of the family members and safeguarding family property. Make sure your daughter stays productive, not idle and wasteful of time.

How to deal with boys/men: Talk to your daughter and advice her on how to interact with boys/men especially if she is a teenager. Let her know that a boy/men is worthy of her attention only if he is interested in her personality and not just her body!

Self-defence: Especially with the dangers women are facing today, it is very crucial to teach your girl a few tips on how to defend herself from advances of strangers. Ask her to carry a pepper spray with her and enrol her into self-defence classes.

Importance of self-expression: A mother should let her daughter know that it is important to speak her mind and to be assertive in any situation.

Have her recognize her boundaries and defend them at all costs: Teach her to say no, not to ruminate and stew, and then passive-aggressively wiggle out later. Have her practice saying no and model this for her. Saying no with frequency will free up more time and energy required for developing skills.

How to cook proper meals: Cooking good and healthy and knowing how to make food taste yummy has so many benefits that I can’t begin to count: saves you money, keeps you healthy, and brings people and friends together. So knowing how to cook food is about so much more than knowing how to be a housewife.

Make time for herself: People do not realize they need to take time to work on themselves. They are either working all the time or rushing from one obligation to another. Advise your daughter to schedule time for herself. She will be much happier overall once she makes herself a priority. This may be some of the most important advice you can give your daughter as she gets ready for college.

Makeup tips: Last, but definitely not the least, you can be the first person to teach your girl how to apply makeup, walk in heels, wear plaits, etc. This can be a fun way to bond with your daughter!