Why Kenyan girls like dating old men

Why Kenyan girls like dating old men


It’s not a secret anymore that if two people are lined up, an old man and a 24-year-old man, a typical Kenyan girl would go for the old man.

It’s certain that old men have wrinkles, they don’t love fun as young me and they aren’t as aggressive as young men, but there are qualities in them that attract girls much. Sometimes you meet a couple on the road and wonder where the woman’s eyes were when she was selecting a partner.If you ask the woman why she did so, you’ll be shocked at the answers she’ll give you.


Old men have already accumulated money and they need people to empty their pockets. Girls find it exciting when they can spend endlessly without drying their men’s wells.

They are not possessive

Young men are still at puberty stage; they are too possessive. Old men on the other hand don’t have time to ask you, “who were you talking to on WhatsApp”.Women love freedom, which is only provided by old men.


A man below 25 years is still not mature enough to treat a woman to satisfaction. Nature dictates that women mature faster than men and it’s for this reason that women don’t find it interesting to date their age mates.

Men mostly above 35 years have seen it all and are ready to settle and plan life with young women.

 Old men talk sense

Men below 24 years always talk of alcohol, women and clubbing .Their minds rarely linger around investment and saving aspects of life.Old men are more focused on savings,investments,real estate ,children and family-women like hearing such stories