Best Courses to Do in Kenya while waiting to Join College

Best Courses to Do in Kenya while waiting to Join College


After getting your KCSE result, you may find yourself idle for a couple of months before joining college. During this period, destructive thoughts might dominate you ,but if you are ambitious and calculative, enroll for short popular courses to add value to your profile.

In Kenya, there are over 30 short courses to pursue and it’s nice those courses are offered in almost every town in the country. If you have at least Ksh5, 000 you want to enrich your life with, pursue the following courses.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA)

CPA is the most popular professional certification in Kenya. Each year, over 10,000 Kenyans enroll for the program. As a form four leaver, enrolling CPA program will be a big step towards succeeding in your career. Research shows that 96.1% of employers would ask during job interviews whether you possess CPA or not. Business graduates without this certification find it almost impossible to secure employment since employers have built a negative perception towards them.

I have been in the job market for 12 years and can attest that when actively employed, it’s hard to pursue any professional course. It’s therefore wise to enroll before you join college as it’s the time you are full of energy and ambitions.

Computer courses

We understand that some universities, like Maseno offer IT as an additional course to the principal program students are enrolled for. But most institutions overlook computer courses when offering training, which prompt students to seek the knowledge elsewhere. As a young and ambitious Kenyan, don’t waste time, enroll for computer courses at any local institution-you will find them useful afterwards.


ACCA is one of the best courses for auditors. If you believe your KCSE grades would earn you entry into Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management and any business related course, enroll for ACCA.The course is offered at Strathmore University and Oshwal College.

Project Management

Project Management may not sound relevant to you but when your future employer promotes to a position where you need skills related to project management, you’ll find the need to pursue the short course.

Project Management is not only useful to statisticians and managers, it’s also essential for engineers and health professionals.

Monitoring & Evaluation

What if you’re presented with data and told to analyze it? Some employers don’t care whether you understand data analysis and interpretation or not, they’ll give you tasks and force you to do them. With M&E skills, you can confidently analyze data, present it and give excellent reports.

M&E is offered at Kenya Institute of Management and AMREF.The entire program costs Ksh40,000 to Ksh120,000

Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)

Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT) is offered by KASNEB and is the most popular program for IT and Computer Science students. If you aspire to be a computer wizard,CICT is the best professional course to study as you wait to join college. The course will have a lot of weight in your profile, more than even a diploma course.

Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)

If you want to be a financial analyst, investment analyst or data analyst,CIFA is the best profession to pursue. The program will act as a foundation to CFA.CFA is the best course for Financial Analyst and since it’s taught, acquiring basic knowledge from CIFA will be vital.

Certificate in Marketing (CIM)

For those planning to be marketers and PR executives,CIM is useful for you. The program is offered online and is taught at Strathmore University.

If you find it interesting, you can pursue the program up to diploma level.The fees structure for CIM is as follows:

Qualification Title CIM Membership Affiliate (Studying) Membership Fees Assessment Fees
UK & Western Europe International 2 Exam Assignment
Foundation Certificate in Marketing 55 55 100 100
Certificate in Professional Marketing 55 55 140 140
Diploma in Professional Marketing 55 55 180 180
Marketing Leadership Programme 55 55 N/A 280
Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing 224 100  
Stage 1

Stage 2