Where to get Kasneb Notes

Where to get Kasneb Notes


It’s not easy to get KASNEB notes, especially for CIFA certification. But there are credible areas where you can get them cheaply or for free.If you’re pursuing KASNEB exams, here is where to get the notes cheaply.

University libraries

Nearly all universities in Kenya have students pursuing KASNEB courses. In their libraries, there is a stock of numerous notes read by the students. If you aren’t one of the students, you can visit the universities and talk to any student who can give you the leads. Thereafter, you can pay one of the students something so that they can photocopy the notes for you.

Strathmore University

The best KASNEB notes are prepared by Strathmore University. Some of the notes are sold at various Bookshops in the city while others are in the hands of Strathmore students. The good thing to do is, visit Strathmore University and hustle your way into getting the notes. I know the university may not allow you into the compound, but you can sweet talk students when they are leaving and eventually succeed in getting the notes.

Star College

When I was pursuing CSIA, before it changed to CIFA,I got all my notes from Star College students. This is one college you can get the best notes for free.It’s located next to Bazaar Building near Nation Centre.

Orbit School of Management Studies

Orbit School of Management Studies is located near I&M building and it specializes in offering training to KASNEB students.Even if you don’t know anyone in the institution, you can visit when they are in session and get notes….hii dunia ni kuhustle.

Vision Institute of Professionals

You know, most students opt to join VIP because they know teachers from the college set KASNEB examination. In fact, they know what comes in the exam even when other colleges have not gotten wind. Having notes from the college is an assurance that you won’t fail the exam.

KASNEB Reading list

KASNEB proposes books that you should read so as to pass their exams. You should not ignore the reading list because most of the questions come from there. Books related to Derivatives, Portfolio Management and Financial Management are particularly important to buy.

University photocopy machines

There are photocopy machines positioned strategically near universities targeting students who photocopy notes. Visit those shops and pay them something so that whenever your target notes are being photocopied, they can make a copy for you.


If you become more and more desperate, buy notes from bookshops as you search for others from relevant sources. Some bookshops have stocked Strathmore notes which you should purchase and use for revision.

Buy past papers from KASNEB

KASNEB has stocked past papers for students intending to buy. They also have answers for past papers. Those papers would help you immensely during revision and you’ll be surprised some questions are repeated from time to time.