Where to Find Rich White Men in Kenya

Where to Find Rich White Men in Kenya


As a lady, hitting the jackpot is when you meet a rich white man to marry you. But where can you find him? Well, there are known areas where white men prefer living and spending their time. In Kenya, if you need the attention of a white man, here are places to meet them.


Malindi is the obvious destination for almost all tourists from abroad.The area is frequented by whites from Italy, UK, Canada,USA and other European nations. Most of these people are retirees who have been paid pension and are eager to spoil young women.

As a woman, stop living in Kayole, Korogocho and Kibera,go and rent a single room in Malindi,adopt fake English accent and you’ll eventually fulfill your dream.


Most whites work in the NGOs as expatriates. Some of them have left their families in their home countries and are secretly suffering in Kenya. If you get a chance to work with them, start interacting with one and pretend you’re an angel—you can even wash his feet. The moment they realize you are another heaven, they will grab you like you never imagined.

Posh estates

Don’t expect whites to live in Kibera.If at all you see one, maybe he is doing research on poverty in Africa. They mostly live in Runda, Roslyn, Kitisuru and Muthaiga.That’s where you can get one.

National Parks

There are hundreds of white rich men who come to see our beautiful wildlife. In the national parks, like Amboseli,Maasai Mara and Tsavo,you’ll find numerous white man walking from one corner to the next. If they find that you’re available to guide them, they will hire you for the service. As a clever lady, take that chance to present yourself as the best.

5 and 4-star hotels

White men who visit Kenya for the first time don’t eat kwa vibanda…they preserve their ego by eating in 4 and 5-star hotels. Calculative women visit those places, buy soda and wait for their clients. There is a saying that goes like this, “the more you frequent an area, the more they recognize and embrace you”.

Though it’s good to get hooked to a white man,it’s also important not to depend on men for survival. Look for your own money!

On Facebook

Facebook is the best place to get a white man to marry you.Identify a credible dating site with a Facebook page,then start chatting with a white man in that page.But you should be careful because there are many conmen online.

To identify a genuine account,visit the wall of the man and determine whether the account is old or new.If you find that the account was just created recently,don’t give him attention.

Dating sites

There are numerous dating sites with desperate white men in need of black women.That’s where you should invest your time in.