Don’t Marry These Six Types of Women

Don’t Marry These Six Types of Women


If you need a happy life, there are six types of women you should not marry. They may look beautiful but their character and social capital stinks.

  1. Activists

Almost every female activist is single. There is a reason men avoid them.

In most cases,these woman are bitter about life and men.They badmouth men,they feel threatened when in the company of men and can do anything to pin down men.For you to live a long and fulfilling life,avoid female activists.

  1. Superstitious women

There are women who always talk about evil spirits and demons. Any misfortune is associated with evil spirit. They always frequent witchdoctors’ homes for comfort and solutions. If your girlfriend is of this type, dump her before she kills you.

  1. Female chauvinists

Another group of women to avoid is female chauvinists. These are women who use terms like,’I earn my money, pay my bills and drive my own car,I don’t need men’, ‘men are dogs’, ‘what a man can do a woman can do better’, men are useless’

Such women enter marriage with a mentality that men are bad. Throughout the marriage, they will plan on how to leave you in pieces.

  1. Lazy women

The surest way to die poor as a man is to marry a lazy woman. This is a woman who does not contribute anything in marriage but she consumes more than the man provides.

  1. Masculine women

There are women who carry male hormones. Most of them have masculine bodies and behave like men. These women will cause trouble in marriage—they will engage you in a fight anytime any day.

  1. Drug addicts

There are women who prefer spending more time in a pub that at home.Every time you visit your local pub she is there.If you want to die of depression marry a woman who drinks like her father.