6 Types of Men You Should not Marry

6 Types of Men You Should not Marry


Marriage is a beautiful thing and once you have a man to live with for the rest of your life, the world will be amazing to live in.However,there are six types of men you should never marry, unless you need trouble.

  1. Male chauvinist

Male chauvinists are many and you can spot them from far.A male chauvinist is someone who belittles women, a man who never see any good in a woman. This man will try to intimidate, bully and rubbish anything done by women.

If you need peace in your life, never marry a male chauvinist.

  1. Lazy man/Not innovative

There are men who are naturally lazy. These men will marry you and act like they are on top of the game, but the moment you settle down, they resort to their lazy routine.

A man who is not innovative will never take his family far.The bitter truth is that you’ll be watching other families prosper as your life stagnates.

  1. Opportunists

Some men will never allow you to have anything. If it’s salary, he will make sure he eats almost the whole amount. This man would demand that the money be channeled into his bank account before he gives you a portion of it.Opportunists will never like to see you having anything; they will try all means to grab the opportunity from you.

  1. Fraudster/Robber

The moment you realize that a man is a fraudster/robber, run for your dear life. History reveals that fraudsters eliminate their close friends and some family members over time due to the fear of exposure. As a wife, you are the ones with all the secrets of your many. It will reach a time he will feel that you’ll expose him. That’s the moment he will eliminate you.

  1. Security officers

Security officers are trained to deal with their subjects ruthlessly. When you’re married to a security officer, you don’t have freedom to do things as you like—you don’t have a say. Security officers are also ranked among the most unfaithful human beings.

  1. Poor mature man

A man below 30 years who is without money  is broke, but when he clocks 35,he becomes poor.So any man above 35 without money is poor and should be avoided.I know you can argue that money is not everything and that love is what rules. My friend, without money, love won’t exist.

A poor man is the worst decision maker. Since you’re part of his decisions, you will be roasted together in the furnace of poverty.