Aliniambia,Kuja Uiruhusu ichungulie tu,sitafanya kitu,Sasa niko Pregnant.What Can I do

Aliniambia,Kuja Uiruhusu ichungulie tu,sitafanya kitu,Sasa niko Pregnant.What Can I do


I need your advice.My brother inlaw aliniambie nikuje Nairobi kuwasaidia kazi.It was last year when my sister was pregnant. Since he was overwhelmed with work,she begged me to go and help them with work until she gives birth.I was happy because they promised to pay me Ksh6,000 every month.

In February this year,my sister went to give birth and left me and her husband at home.He is  polite man and a respected church choir member.I thought I was safe with him and never refused anything he told me.

But something happened one night that makes me regret up to now. While my sister was in hospital,I became used to my inlaw.He treated me the same way he treated my sister.But one night as I was coming from the bathroom,he followed me into my room and told me to close the door.He said he had something good to tell me.

I was terribly shocked and knew something bad was about to happen.He started,”unajua bibi ameniacha mwezi mmoja bila kunishughulikia,mimi sitaki kumkosea lakini nataka unisaidie mawazo.Nateseka sana na nataka uiruhusu ichungulie tu halafu nitakulipa 20K”.He took Ksh20,000 which was in his pocket and put it in my hands. He went ahead and started touching me until I became vulnerable and weak.My mind tried to resist but my body was too weak to move.

After a while, I found myself on bed with him and something happened. He told me not to tell my sister.

Since then we have been hiding the secret until I discovered I am pregnant in March.I told him about the issue but what he told me wasn’t good.Eti nitoe mimba.My stomach is growing and my sister is asking who is responsible for it.My in law doesn’t want me to say,arguing that his church will know about it and he will be kicked out.He also fears my sister might divorce him.What can I do?