Moses Kuria Vows to Silence Nyakundi forever

Moses Kuria Vows to Silence Nyakundi forever


Moses Kuria has vowed to silence blogger Cyprian Nyakundi forever.

Nyakundi, who has been in jail for about a week, twitted:

“But you specifically address me .In fact the screenshot is of this month’s edition of Nairobi Law Monthly.Sasa did it suddenly occur to you like an epiphany that I am a “small” man?

Then Moses Kuria replied:

You are trending on a banana skin my friend. I would refer you to others but unfortunately they can’t tell you any tale.

After a short while, one of Nyakundi’s followers contributed:

True—Kwanza Kikuyu women tulikula nini yake!

That’s when Kuria’s fire was ignited and hell broke loose. He delivered the message:

“Nitamzima for good.Niachie”

Nyakundi has built his career by attacking prominent personalities.It seems he touched the wrong person and now things are getting out of hand. Below is the entire conversation: