“I have Been Attacked by Gunmen”-Jimmy Wanjigi



Business tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi has narrated how gunmen almost killed him this evening at gunpoint. The Raila financier claimed gunmen armed to the teeth attacked his moving car and stole valuable particulares

“Masked men in military gear have bombarded my car and my security convoy at gunpoint at Parklands Drive, stolen my documents, my briefcase & a laptop. As if not enough they’ve taken all my LICENCED firearms wth no search warrant. This comes shortly after I vowed to Expose KIBICHO”,he said in a Tweet

Wanjigi was heading his Runda home when he was attacked.

The son of former Minister has been at logger heads with Jubilee administration especially after he vowed to support Raila until he became president. Last year, his Runda home was raided and destroyed completely. He later ironed the differences with the state.