Moses Kajwang Almost Lynched by MCAs in Mombasa after he told them This


Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang was almost lynched by MCAs in Mombasa after he provoked them with a 5 word statement.

The Senator’s chance to address them came, he stood and said this: “you MCAs,you need more English classes than Car grants”. The MCAs felt offended and started murmuring .In a split of a second, they charged towards the eloquent senator.

Security officers realized the situation was getting out of hand and sneaked the Senator out of the building.

Yesterday, Deputy President William Ruto promised the 3000 MCAs currently in Mombasa for a Seminar that their wish to have car grants will be granted. They had requested for the benefit claiming that they are almost equal to MPs—they are even called honourables.So, they should get similar benefits as MPs.