Why I Stopped Watching Nigerian Movies


A few year ago I used to love Nigerian movies, I could watch from dusk to dawn. But I reached a point I realized some strange things were happening that forced me to stop watching them. Just for fun,these are the reasons that made me quit watching them.

1.A flashback plays for 40 minutes

2.Millionaires have gate men instead of electric gates

3.Females wake up with earrings & make up in the morning

4.When Patience Ozokwor wants to poison someone, she first tastes the poison but never dies

5.They cut grass with a panga instead of slasher

  1. 20 years later in the movie but the family dog is still alive

7.A ghost looks both sides before crossing the road

  1. The prince is always in love with housegirl
  2. Somebody is shot on the leg and then he spits blood
  3. Ten years later but the same clothes are on the clothesline
  4. A Blind woman telling her son,’you look handsome’